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 All-age Adult Sunday School on February 9th is the 3-part DVD study "Encouragement", a Bible supported study by Dr. Charles Stanley.

The study "begins by listing all of the qualities that makes God our great Encourager and then explains how He uses those attributes to motivate us. The second part explores God's intention that we also be encouragers and includes steps we can take to inspire others. Finally, Dr. Stanley reveals how we can encourage ourselves by going to the Lord for guidance when we have no where else to turn to.. He is our Shield and Protector in difficult times, and He promises to be our Counselor whenever we ask."
- In Touch Ministries

Please, pray about attending this "Encouragement" study. The class meets from 9 to 10 a.m. Sundays in the upstairs classroom. Come, join us as we grow in faith and fellowship together.

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